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© C. FERREIRA, 2002 (Terms of Use) ISBN: 9729589054

Gene Expression Programming: Mathematical Modeling by an Artificial Intelligence

The invention of a new paradigm can often create strong resistance, especially if it seems to endanger long established technologies and enterprises. The publication of my work on scientific journals and conferences, which should be forums for discussing and sharing new ideas, became a nightmare and both my work and myself were outright dismissed and treated with scorn. Despite the initial opposition and due to a set of happy circumstances and resources, I was finally able to make my work known and available to all. I am deeply indebted to Josť Simas, an accomplished graphic and web designer and software developer, for believing in me and in GEP from the beginning and for helping its expansion and promotion on the World Wide Web. Together we founded Gepsoft and developed software based on gene expression programming which is already helping numerous scientists and engineers worldwide. And thanks to Gepsoft it was possible for me to concentrate fully on the writing of this book and on the development of several new algorithms. Indeed, my work at Gepsoft benefited tremendously from my writing and vice versa.

I am also very grateful to Pedro Carneiro, a talented musician with an avid mind, for reading and editing the first three chapters of the manuscript. Josť Simas also read several drafts of the manuscript, accompanying the process from the beginning and contributing with valuable discussions and suggestions. He is, in fact, my first reader and I always write with him in my mind.

Finally, I would like to thank Josť Gabriel, a talented printer and skilled craftsman, for his involvement in the making of this book from the start and for handling its printing with special care.

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