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C. FERREIRA Complex Systems, 13 (2): 87-129, 2001

Gene Expression Programming: A New Adaptive Algorithm for Solving Problems

Transposition and Insertion Sequence Elements
The transposable elements of GEP are fragments of the genome that can be activated and jump to another place in the chromosome. In GEP there are three kinds of transposable elements. (1) Short fragments with a function or terminal in the first position that transpose to the head of genes, except to the root (insertion sequence elements or IS elements). (2) Short fragments with a function in the first position that transpose to the root of genes (root IS elements or RIS elements). (3) Entire genes that transpose to the beginning of chromosomes.

The existence of IS and RIS elements is a remnant of the developmental process of GEP, as the first GEA used only single-gene chromosomes, and in such systems a gene with a terminal at the root was of little use. When multigenic chromosomes were introduced this feature remained as these operators are important to understand the mechanisms of genetic variation and evolvability.

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