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C. FERREIRA Invited Tutorial Presented at WSC6, 2001

Gene Expression Programming in Problem Solving

Table of Contents

1. Genetic Algorithms at Large
1.1. Genetic Algorithms
1.2. Genetic Programming
1.3. Gene Expression Programming

2. Gene Expression Programming: An Introduction
2.1. The Genome
2.1.1. Open Reading Frames and Genes
2.1.2. GEP Genes
2.1.3. Multigenic Chromosomes
2.2. Posttranslational Interactions and Linking Functions
2.3. Genetic Operators and Evolution
2.3.1. Selection and Replication
2.3.2. Mutation
2.3.3. Transposition and Insertion Sequence Elements Transposition of IS Elements Root Transposition Gene Transposition

2.3.4. Recombination One-point Recombination Two-point Recombination Gene Recombination

2.4. Solving a Simple Problem with GEP

3. Function Finding
3.1. Function Finding and the Creation of Numerical Constants
3.1.1. First Approach: Direct Manipulation of Rational Constants
3.1.2. Second Approach: Creation of Rational Constants from Scratch
3.2. Function Finding on a Five-dimensional Parameter Space

4. Summary


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