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C. FERREIRA In Leandro N. de Castro and Fernando J. Von Zuben, eds., Recent Developments in Biologically Inspired Computing, pages 82-103, Idea Group Publishing, 2004.

Gene Expression Programming and the Evolution of Computer Programs

Table of Contents

1. Evolutionary Algorithms in Problem Solving
1.1. Genetic Algorithms
1.2. Genetic Programming
1.3. Gene Expression Programming

2. The Architecture of GEP Individuals
2.1. Open Reading Frames and Genes
2.2. Structural Organization of Genes
2.3. Multigenic Chromosomes

3. Genetic Operators and Evolution
3.1. Mutation
3.2. Inversion
3.3. Transposition and Insertion Sequence Elements
3.3.1. IS Transposition
3.3.2. Root Transposition
3.3.3. Gene Transposition
3.4. Recombination
3.4.1. One-point Recombination
3.4.2. Two-point Recombination
3.4.3. Gene Recombination

4. Evolving Computer Programs for Diagnosing Breast Cancer

5. Conclusions


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